Education aims at building capacity in a number of groups within the Orthopedic Fraternity in the Malawi Health System. These include, Operating Room Personnel (ORP.), Orthopedic Clinical Officers (OCOs), POP Assistants, Surgeons and Ward and Trauma Nurses.

  1. Operating Room Personnel (ORP): AOAF is carrying out a number of activities in growing the capacity of Operating Room Personnel; this includes Operative Courses, The National Visitation Program, where experienced ORP visit various hospital, observing methods and recommending improvements that create better patient care and more patients treated within institutions e.t.c. ORP also benefit from seminars in the form of mini courses that take place in various hospitals within all the regions of Malawi.
  2. Orthopedic Clinical Officers: AOAF has a mentorship program on the ground which visits OCOs in all district hospitals, observing current techniques, improving and teaching new ones. This in turn leads to more ethical practice, improved care and skill, observation and reporting of needs e.t.c. OCOs also stand to benefit from visiting mentors from outside the country. The Project, as part of OCO education, also carries out Non Operative Courses, in order to improve techniques in this spectrum as well
  3. POP Assistants: POP Assistants aid in the application of Plaster of Paris on patients. In order to improve their skill, AOAF will carry out a yearly Non Operative Course; this will improve skill in the area of plaster application as well as general assistance within the realm of Orthopedics.
  4. Surgeons: AOAF looks to improve the orthopedic knowledge of surgeons through a yearly Basic Principles Course. This aims at arming them with the right tools to treat a number of trauma and orthopedic cases.
  5. Residents: AOAF aims to improve capacity for residents by sending them to the AO Trauma Course, which happens in various countries on a yearly basis. The Project is also looking to send residents to the IGOT Flap Course which takes place in Tanzania annually.
  6. Ward and Trauma Nurses: AOAF will be carrying out a Ward and Trauma Nurses Course locally and some nurses will have the chance of attending a Ward and Trauma Nurses Course in South Africa. The aim is produce specialist nurses that know how to handle and care for Trauma and Orthopedic patients in the best way possible.

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