Fellowships aim at 3 groups in the Orthopedic Healthcare Personnel Spectrum. These are ORP, Surgeons and OCOs.

  1. ORP: ORP Fellowships consist of 4 Week Regional and National Fellowship Programs. Regional Fellowships are where a Nursing fellow from within Africa comes to Beit Cure International Hospital to observe and learn new techniques and methods in the Operating Room (OR), this is the same for the National Fellowships with exception that, in this case, the fellow is from a hospital within Malawi.
  2. Surgeons and Residents: AOAF has a number of fellowships for surgeons and residents, these includes a Regional Trauma Fellowship at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital and a Pediatric Orthopedic Reconstruction Fellowship at Beit Cure International Hospital. These first two fellowships train fellows from various African countries at Q.E.C.H. and B.C.I.H. respectively. Other Fellowships for surgeons include Reverse Trainee Fellowships at Q.E.C.H.; B.C.I.H. and KCH, where a fellow from a developed country comes in for training at any one of the above hospitals. Another fellowship for surgeons is the Post Graduate Fellowship for young consultants for specific learning objectives, for example, Spine Surgery. AOAF also offers short term fellowships for residents; this is where residents are afforded the opportunity to carry out a fellowship outside Malawi for s short period of time. Another fellowship for surgeons is the Reverse Fellowship, where a visiting specialist comes in to support local specialists and trainees with advancement and teaching.
  3. OCOs: AOAF from 2017 will begin a 4 week Fellowship for OCOs, where a fellow will work with experienced OCOs, in order to learn new techniques and methods, thereby allowing them to carry out formerly complex work in their own domains without need for reference, only doing so in cases requiring such.